Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Target clothing deals

Hello again, 
                          Today I found some great deals on kids clothing at my local Target. I found a really cute pair of checker pattern shorts for a dollar, yeah ...a dollar. Also some great tees for under 3 dollars and guess what girls dresses size 4/5 , 6/6x and further were all 75% off so that means every dress was under 5 dollars. 


  1. yay!!! I love target's deals! I got a pack of 3 baby onesies for 2.50 and a big for 79cents. I love it!

  2. Ha..I just saw my comment about and I messed up on my correction one as well! I must have been tried when I wrote that! "bib not big" should have been what it said! Thanks for sharing your marriage story! I hope my husband and I make it to 10 years and well beyond as your husband and you have!