Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hope for Maggie

I just read about this sweet little girl on "" and I was so moved by it. I hope the doctors can find out what is wrong with her and treat it quickly so she can grow up normally. Good luck and best wishes to her and her family too.

Maggie Agnew is a bright, 10 month girl who is suffering from multiple medical problems.  She has been called “The Incredible Shrinking Baby” because now at 10 months, she weighs only 10 pounds.

Specialist after specialist has tried to diagnose the problem.  But so far the cause of her ailments eludes them as does a treatment.

Her parents now believe that the best hope for Maggie may be at Boston Children’s Hospital.  But to go there will cost money — lots of money.  And even though the Agnews have health insurance, the copays and deductibles have already left them with a substantial debt.

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You can donate to help Maggie through PayPal on her blog by clicking here.

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